China gain dragon market

Posted by Admin at 03/12/2020

  Nearly 80% Vietnam dragon fruit as export to China market. The latest news speads out that the Chinese government has plan to grow dragon fruit in large area since many years.

 According to Dr. Chau Nguyen Minh, the Chinese government is encouraging farmers growing dragon fruit in large area, especially in Guangxi and Guangdong, two provines in the west of China. This will has a bad affect to the dragon fruit exporting market of Vietnam, whereby always seem China as the major export market.  

  Threaten to farmers…

  Not only China, also other related countries such as Korea, Thai, Taiwan is developing to grow dragon fruit in large quantity for many years. This tropical plant origins from South Africa when comes to Asia, only Vietnam with suitable climate and soil is able to grow. That’s why exporting dragon fruit in Vietnam has no competitor. With the current situation when there are many countries join growing this plant, the export market of Vietnam will be limited.

  Base on the data and other statistic, China is the main import dragon fruit of Vietnam. The Chinese plant dragon fruit in their country can understand that they want to increase the local supply and decrease the import level.

  A TienGiang exporter worried: “with new technology, sorter the growing season, laden and fresh with low-price, then export back to Vietnam. Beside that, copyright issue of big brand is always a risk.  

  Facing with the threat from China and other countries, we – Satransco, one of the presentative to export dragon fruit to worldwide, we guarantee the quality standard of our fruit by VietGAP and Global GAP. We welcome any co-oporation from every companies, producers and farmers, to develop and protect our Vietnam dragon fruit in global market.  


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