“Cannot satified the customer equals to failure!”

Satransco company was established in August, 2006. The main business activities are Trading and International transportation service.

To build today’s reputation, come from the greatest contribution of whole Satransco team, together with the strong belief and support from our loyal customers. From the very beginning, we were lacked of people, especially professional staffs, our company’s moto was: however difficuty the task, we have to complete it to satisfied our customer. The profit came throught level of satifaction. We put ourselve into our customer’s shoes.

Of course, accidental is something we are try to avoid, but cannot completed. When there is an accident, we will first stand out and take responsibility, looking for different ways to solve the issues but minimize the damage for our customers. Time after time, these cases have proven our capability as well as how we can handle problems professionaly.

Up to now, the number of our staffs increasing triple, our customers are wider and diverser. From a small group of customer at the beginning, we build a large network in many areas such as exporting agriculture’s goods and seafood, trading frozen seafood, clothes and handicraft. Our customers expanding to everywhere in Vietnam such as Ha Noi and Hai Phong city, Binh Duong province, Southwest Vietnam, Tay Nguyen, etc.

Our loyal premium customers can list down such as Tra Vinh Seafood Co, To Chau Seafood Co, Tran Han Seafood Co, Tien Gian Agriculture Group, Ben Tre Agriculture Co from Southwest Vietnam, and VietSea Food International Exporter, Quang Vinh Seafood import and export from the middle religion, to company from the North such as Binh Minh food., etc.

In the International tranportation operation, more and more people known Satransco by the network of agents from all around the world. We gurantee the best quality and safety for Sea freight and Air freight service through diverse types: whole ship, FCL, LCL, and project orders. Base on our strong partnership with the wide international agents, we will deliver our customer the strongest commitment.

Understand the fact that: “Cannot satified the customer equals to failure”, we always put ourselve to the customer’s situation, therefore knowing what our customer’s need, to improve and continue develop our our standard.

We hope to be yourside and continue receive your trust and your support.

Best regard,

Director of Satransco

 (Mr.) Vo Vuong Van


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